August - Purpose Tea of the Month

Here we are the last full month of summer before fall comes! In case you didn't know fall is actually my favorite time of the year. I love the new season, change, the cool weather and all the amazing teas you can have. So to finish out summer we have decided to make our Berry Mojito Tea our purpose tea of the month. 

It contains Stinging Nettles, Spearmint, and Hibiscus. The blend of these three herbs taste so much like a berry mojito tea all you need is to add a squeeze of lime or lime essential oil. Here are a few benefits of this tea. 

Stinging Nettle - It is high in magnesium and nourishes the kidneys. Due to the mineral content and anti-histamine benefits it can also help with allergies, or symptoms related to allergies. 

Spearmint - Is a little bit milder and more sweeter than peppermint leaf but does have some similar benefits. One of the best things and most commonly recommended spearmint for is hormone balancing. One study in published  in 2017 showed that spearmint tea can reduce the androgenic hormones for women with Hirsutism. 

Hibiscus - Is a common ingredient in all of our teas. The reason is it naturally has a berry flavoring which adds to any tea. It also is so beautiful and red tints to the teas. One perk of this special plant is that it is high in zinc so can help boost your immune system. It is also high in vitamin C and has antioxidants to fuel your body with energy. 

This month every bag purchased $3.50 will go to Life Impact International. Which is our purpose organization we have partnered with. Every other product $1 will go towards Life Impact. So if you buy 10 products including our samples $10 will be donated to Life Impact! We are on a mission to stop human trafficking and child exploitation.