July - Purpose Tea Of The Month

We are so excited to announce our tea of the month of July 2020 is our Tutti Fruiti! This amazing tea has several benefits as well as a delicious flavor! This tea has a blend of lemongrass notes, with some berry flavoring. Here are some benefits of our tea of the month! 

Rosehips - These delicious berries are HIGH in vitamin C. Some research shows that it has even 60 times more vitamin C than an orange. One major chemical constitute of Vitamin C is it helps the body produce collagen. Collagen means anti-aging. 

Lemongrass - Is a tall stalk type plant. It has a nice lemon aromatherapy and is known to help with stress, anxious feelings, and to lift the mood. Due to it's lemon flavor it can also help aid in digestive issues, such as pain, or irregular bowels. 

Orange Peel - Some research shows that it is actually the healthiest part of the fruit. It contains a higher amount of vitamin C and nutrients than the juice of the fruit. The peeling also helps aid in clearing out congestion from your lungs and lymphatic system. 

Peppermint Leaf - Many people associate peppermint with mint, or good smelling breath. Although it does help with that it also helps in other ways as well. One of them is liver health. It helps produce bile from the liver to the gallbladder. It is also why it can help aid with gallstones, or any digestive related ailment. 

To order go to the Herbal Teas link at the top and use the code: Purpose to check out. Free shipping on the purpose tea through July 31, 2020 at midnight Central Standard Time.